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Short Bio:
 After the failure of my blog and it's posts, I just got tired of typing and writing short easy commands and publishing in web. I was interested on field of iPhone & iDevice since i saw  it and the craziness in this field made me to establish this blog. I was not giving much interests regarding making this blog successful in it's early age so it was been a hidden gold. When i saw many of my friends and iPhone users waiting a long in webs and forums for their iDevice related questions/problems replies, i thought of sharing my experience i made in past 4-5 years in field of iPhone so i created this blog. Hope my blog is helping you somewhere somehow in some conditions.

Contact: Saurab Ng

Mailing Adress:
SB's Trade Center & Smartphone Care Center
Contact no: +9779806584001  
Postal Adress: Simalchaur-8,Pokhara,Nepal