Are you interested in promoting business via advertisement? Then, see the details over here.

Ads Details

Case Unaccepted:-
  1. Banner picture must be colored. Black & white Ads are not allowed in the blog.
  2. Blur ads are not allowed.
  3. Advertisement standard must be maintained.
  4. Size of the advertisement banner must not be more than that of Malla Furniture Land & SB's Trade Center.
Rates Per Month:-
  1. Top banner area(above the post):- NRs: 1000 per month
  2. Side Banner area :- NRs: 800 per month
  3. Flash Videos :- NRs: 1500 per month
 Note:- We could also design your advertisement banner for just Rs 500 and publish it only after you accept it.

If the size of Advertisement banner is half of Malla Furniture Land(Top Banner) or SB's Trade Center(Side Banner) than Rate will be lowered down to 500 for top banner & 400 for side banner.
Other discounts could be made on Ads displayed for more months &  on compromise.

Payments accepted Methods:
  • Paypal Balance Transfer for Paypal Account Holders.
  • Bank Transfer / Bank Deposit . Supported Banks:- (a) Kist Bank Ltd (b) SBI Bank Ltd (c) Nepal SBI Bank Ltd  (d) Kunwar Finance (e) Business Development Bank.
  • Cheques payment also be made to address:- SB's Trade Center & Smartphone Care Center, Srijana Chowk, Pokhara-8

Mailing address:-

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