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Online Buying/Sales Department


Are you planning to sale your used goodies but not getting a perfect place to sale it or not getting an perfect amount?
No Tension join with iPhonetips4free today. 

How to??
  • Mail us at with your complete details of you yourself & your product(with amount you want, remember we will mail back if price is over or unsatisfactory).
  • Either establish a video of your product or click pictures of your product from all angles and mail the link to us.

What will iphonetips4free do?

We will publish the total information provided by you and your product in our blog and our viewers(buyers) will bid for it. And remember lowest bidding amount will be starting from the amount you are desiring for(example: if you are expecting Rs 9000 then the lowest bid will be Rs 9000).

What's the period for bidding?
on your product type and time provided by seller, we will set the bidding time. But generally our bidding time will be 7-29 days

How much amount will I get charged?
We will charge you only if  your product is selled. We wont charge a penny for publishing your product details in our blog(remember we wont publish your details). 
  • If your product gets bought for the lowest bidding amount or the amount you desired. Then, we will charge 5% as a selling agent Share.
  • If your product gets high bidding and the amount is more than you desired.Then, the original amount you desired will be provided to you deducting our 5% , and the remaining extra bid amount will be divided 50-50.
Incase, if the highest bidder is unavailable or out of contact then the second, if second is also unavailable then third and so on respectively will be contacted.

How can I know for how much was my product Sold?
We will publish complete details in our blog with the sold price as soon as we deliver the product and receive the amount.

When and where should I submit my product?
We will notify you only when your bidding date is closed and highest bidder is contacted. Once he pays us we will contact you via phone or mail and the address will be mailed to you for submission. Please as you receive submission details submit the product quick either from courier or if you could make a visit then over SB's Trade Center, Srijana chowk(Next To Nepal SBI Bank, srijana chowk branch).

How would I get cash?
 We will transfer amount to you by these methods

  • Paypal Balance Transfer for Paypal Account Holders.
  • Bank Transfer / Bank Deposit . Supported Banks:- (a) Kist Bank Ltd (b) SBI Bank Ltd (c) Nepal SBI Bank Ltd  (d) Kunwar Finance (e) Business Development Bank.
  • Cheques & Cash payment also be made from address:- SB's Trade Center & Smartphone Care Center, Srijana Chowk, Pokhara-8

For Buyers:
Are you interested in the goods we published in our blog then make a contact to us with your complete details.

What's bidding and how would I bid?
In our sense, Bidding is just publishing the amount you desired to pay for the product displayed on the page, but the amount must be higher then the previous bidder's bid amount. Just click on add comment and add amount you desired with your name. Please don't add your details and personal information in comments. Mail us your complete personal details and bidding amount at along with your contact number.

How & when will I get the delivery? 
As soon as the bidding period is over and if you are the highest bidder, we will notify you to make an advance deposit. As you deposit the advance amount we will contact our seller for the product. As we receive the product we will ask you for full amount payment and get your product delivered on that very day. Whole process will be of 2-3 days.

How much will be advance & What will happen if I paid advance and product is not delivered within 2-3 days?
I iPhonetips4free aka Saurabng myself will guarranty to return your advance if we are unable to deliver your product in time. Advance will be fixed on compromise.

For further details contact me @

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