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Sunday, April 10, 2011

For those having problems with network in bb 5.13./6.15 / 1.59.00


Special Thanks To Iphone Dev Team

Case 1: For those who have not still installed custom firmware:

Install custom firmware on your iphone(how to).
Install ultrasn0w through
And let your iphone reboot. You will see towers and network as it is available.

Case 2: For those who have installed custom firmware and ultrasn0w:

Most of you might have installed ultrafix already or some might not have..
If you installed it already it might give error while installing ultrasn0w again.So,
Just follow downward installation way.
Step a. Goto Cydia on iphone homescreen as choose option as Hacker
Step b. GOto Manage tab
Step c. Goto Packages
Step d. lookout and choose for mobilesubstrate
Step e. Remove it & ultrasn0w and let your iphone reboot.
Step f. from iphone homescreen. Goto settings-General-Reset all settings
Step g. After your iphone is again back to normal homescreen
Step h. Now install ultrasn0w (how to)
Get your iphone with network signals fix...
Give a thanks to Iphone dev team,@i0n1c and all other associated to Iphone hacks society..

Note: This tips are for those who are on unlockable baseband below and 5.13.. 6.15.. and i4 1.59.00...

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