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Friday, May 6, 2011

Downloaded djayb6 packages but don't know what to do now,herez solution

After you download bundles for your iphone 3gs old bootroom or new bootroom
Step 1: Download ios 4.3.3.
Step 2: Download winrar.
Step 3: Download ireb.
Step 4: Download latest itunes
Step 5: Make a backup by copying the download firmware & open it with winrar. Selecting option open with-winrar.
Step 6: Replace files on ipsw with corresponding files from downloaded zip file( & let it build it.
Step 7: Open ireb.
Step 8: Select Iphone 3gs & get your iphone to pwned dfu mode.
Step 9: Open Itunes and restore your iphone with modified firmware.
Step 10: Enjoy untethered or semi-tethered ipsw with hacktivation.

Note :- Please notify us it is working or not it has not yet been tested by us but still it will work.Please comment for response. It not only untethered/semi-tethered your boot but also hacktivate your iphone. Please never forget to thankx djayb6.
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