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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Solved: International Assist Turned On Issue

Most of the users who buyed Locked Iphone from USA or any other supported carrier Country are the victims of such Issues.

What Is International Assist and what is it's job?
International Assist is a feature (tap Settings > Phone) which automatically adds the correct prefix to US phone numbers for AT&T customers when dialing from abroad. However, the International Assist feature may not be available with other carriers.It's available for some of the supported carriers only.

How can I turned it off if I'm not in USA or a Supported Country?
If you are using an Factory Unlocked IPhone then you can turned it off using the turn off International Assit under Iphone Homescreen-Settings-Phone.
Incase If you are using Locked Iphone unlocked with Turbo Sim,Gevey Sim or ultrasn0w.Then you need to search if the option is available in your iphone or not.If it's available then easily turned it off, if not availbale then perform your iphone a custom restore and Unlocked it once again.

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