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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Iphone 4 baseband above 1.59.00 are not too far to be unlocked

Happy news who are waiting for iphone 4 latest bb unlocks it's now not too far. As you all know, geohotz is just now free from case of psp and he is working on IPAD-2 jailbreaking. As he accepted challenge of p0sixninja to jailbreak ipad-2. It's sure that he has entered iphone hacking society and it's fact that he loves challenges and after he achieve it his next step must be towards un-unlockable iphone 4 to unlock it's bb.And btw Sherif Hashim(developer of ultrasn0w) is also trying his level best in his spare time to get a unlock. So , it's not too far to get your iphone 4 unlocked....

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