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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Geohot is still working underground to develop something strange

See these tweets

According to Musclenerd from iPhone Dev team Geohot has not left Jailbreaking society. He is still working as a hidden developer in JB society. He was always hiding his developments from others and releasing it without an expectation. No one knows what he is currently working under but it's fixed that he will shock everyone with his creation. We just can keep our finger crossed and hope he develops something best(iPhone 4 all bb unlock). And next thing, if you don't know then i-Pad 2 jb has almost been completed by @comex from iPhone Dev team. There is not an actual Eta for i-Pad 2 Jb but still it will be released soon and we will notify you.
If you read somewhere over internet via p0sixninja blog or somewhere else that iPhone-5 Jailbreak will be released on Mygreatfest than that all is just a rumor, no-one has seen neither an iPhone 5 hardware nor software. Not the p0sixninja nor anyone from iPhone Jb society can't expect which bootroom will it be with and how tough the task will be to Jb it. It all means, you can't place an ETA on a non-existant device that has a bootrom nobody has exploited yet and a kernel we won't see for months.Still it's not fixed iPhone 5 Jailbreak demonstation will be on Mygreatfest or not. Let just hope for it.
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