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Friday, June 3, 2011

iFaith-v.1.0 released today

Ih8sn0w developer of popular tools like sn0wbreeze,ireb,f0recast just released his new tool which had rumor on air since few months. His new tool named as iFaith-v.1.0 helps in grabbing and saving shsh blobs of iPhone. As we all know that before we could not save the shsh of iPhone old firmwares which apple left signing, but now it made it to grab shsh blobs of iPhone old firmwares.Using grabbed shsh you can restore your iPhone to saved shsh Ios version even if apple doesnot signs it. If your iPhone is running on firmwares that apple left signing and want to restore your iPhone to same version you currently then you probably are so luck grab it now.
Download it now iFaith-v.1.0

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