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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Something Great has happened in Jailbreak Industry

According to recent tweet by Musclenerd & Comex from iPhone Dev Team, Comex has developed something new to Jailbreak Society. He created something strange that will either speed up cyder or may be the Jailbreaking process.Currently, we are unable to find out what really did @Comex discovered but still we have asked Musclenerd about it and we are looking for the answer from @Musclenerd, we will update you as we find the hint.See these tweets.

Update 1: We just got reply from @comex about stashing jailbreak.See it in our new post.
Update 2:  @Chpwn's pretty "Reorganizing Filesystem" screen is no more on cydia. Cydia achieves more speed.
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(Published News through Namaste Cyber & Driving Institute,Traffic Chowk, Butwal)

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