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Wednesday, July 6, 2011 is live again

New and latest jailbreak tool by comex which has been leaked once by Multimediawill is now live. It really stucked my iPhone for few minutes while I was checking the free/install button, i didn't expected like that. It's really a simplest and easiest tool to jailbreak current idevices with Ios 4.3.3. You can get all the details over if you need it.
But for now, we just say that it is working in iPod touch(2G & 3G both), iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4g, iPad 1, iPad 2.
You just need to connect your device to a working wifi internet station.Then, tap on cydia and browse to "". You'll see a page with description just click on free and install button will appear. Install it to get your idevice jailbroken with cydia on homescreen. If you get your safari to browse to page with back button then click it out and then click free/install.
And for your information, "Jailbreakme uses userland jailbreak method which is untethered.And the next thing that uses same installation method Apple's official App store uses to install an application, thus you will see cydia loading and installing on your homescreen like other applications."

Update 1: Coolest thing is that comex studies in college as he states in his web after jailbreak completes. He is asking for a job if someone want's to hire him to develop something cool you can mail him via
For further idevice news stay with us.

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