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Monday, July 25, 2011

Musclenerd and now ih8sn0w even banned

Seems like google+ hates fake id, it wants user to input their original name. Previously many of the iphone hackers including musclenerd and other fake id users were banned from google + but now our ih8sn0w, creator of sn0wbreeze has also been banned from g+.
It's good that g+ doesn't like fake id, but it must also realise that each and every person has it's identity and a name by which is known all over. Many persons and VIPs are known by their job and place they hold. Google seems like doesnot know the real value of the name by which a person all over is known.
A question straight from my side to Google+, Do you know Gautam Buddha(God of Buddhism)??? His real name was Siddhartha Gautam, will every one know his real name??? Everyone knows Buddha then his page will be starring with Buddha, instead of Siddhartha Gautam.
Musclenerd, ih8sn0w are also those kind of people whose identity is known all over via their id they made, not through their name. If they put their name as Google+ id, almost each and every one will be searching allover google+ for musclenerd or ih8sn0w coz almost everyone are unknown about their original names. Google+ it's not a name that matters, the work is what needs to be considered. You must realise it, or maybe due to your idea, you may loose millions of your fans and google+ users.

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