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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Check your carrier now.100% working

Credit goes to ::gsmcoder::
This method and tool works only for iPhone 2g/3g/3gs/4g not for iPhone 4s.
 1. First download carrier finder .
 2. Check if your iPhone has cydia in homescreen or not ..? If your iPhone is jailbroken then you can directly skip to step 6. If your iPhone is activated but has no cydia on homescreen then you can download redsn0w and jailbreak your iPhone to get cydia and then skip to step 6..
3. Download Sn0wbreeze
4. Create a custom firmware.(please don't forget to check activate iPhone)
5. Restore with created firmware.
6. On iPhone homescreen (after activating iPhone), lookup for cydia.
7. Through and through it download sam.
8. Open Sam and look for auto detect.
9.Goto more information and look for IMSI.
10. Open download carrier checker in your pc and type your first five digits of Imsi to the Carrier checker(toolkit). And it will display your carrier name .
Note:- It's just to simplify your search and make you easy to find your carrier. Wait until my next release, i'm trying to create a vbtoolkit which will do it all for you.Till then, this is just a simple code program to find carrier. Please never forget to thank me Stay with us for further i-device news.


Anonymous said...

thanx. will try n let u know the results

Live to Life said...
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