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Monday, October 8, 2012

Downgrade 3gs without Shsh blobs

 Happy news to all of them who are unknown and waiting eagerly to downgrade their iOS 6.0 without Shsh blobs.You all must remember it that iPhone 3gs is always downgradable until Apple signs iOS 4.1. Since apple still signs iOS 4.1 so downgrade your iPhone 3g to 4.1 and get untethered jailbreak and unlock your iPhone. See down for how to do it.

Steps to Downgrade iPhone 3gs from any versions iOS to iOs 4.1.
Step 1: Download official  iOS 4.1.
Step 2: Download  sn0wbreeze for ios 4.1,
Step 3: Make a custom firmware via sn0wbreeze.

    Start Sn0wbreeze, click the next(blue colored arrow) button
    Select the respective downloaded firmware for your iOS device by clicking on the “Browse” button.
    Follow the easy steps on Sn0wbreeze after the ipsw is recognized by sn0wbreeze(Choose Normal Mode if you are new to Ios Jailbreaking). Note:- If you are on locked carrier & need to hacktivate iphone then please choose activate option in sn0wbreeze.
    Once it's completed & you get "Done!" Message, follow the easy steps over there to get in pwned dfu mode to restore your custom firmware cooked by sn0wbreeze.
    You will get a message ".Your device is in pwned dfu mode....", press ok.
    Now open installed itunes and restore with the custom firmware on desktop.

Step 4: Download latest redsn0w.

    Start Redsn0w and click on jailbreak
    Click next and put your iPhone to dfu mode.
    Choose update to iPad Baseband
    Wait until your iPhone gets to Normal mode(Home screen).

Step 5: Start cydia on your iPhone(notice please switch on your wifi first and connect to internet network).
Step 6: Click the Source tab.
Step 7: Click on edit and then on "Add". You will be prompted to enter a url source
Step 8: Type "" and select on "add source" to add this repo(if you have it already no need to do it)
Step 9: Cydia will automatically download & install packages.After installation is completed, click on the added source(" and install ultrasn0w.
Step10: Once it's completed please reboot your idevice.

Congratulations!!! You succesfully downgraded your iPhone 3gs and jailbroke it untether and also you succesfully unlocked it.Incase if you dont have wifi download it and unlock iPhone.
Note: This method doesnot works for iPhone 4. And please also note that if you have iPhone 3GS that have a new bootroom this 28 weeks of 2011.A lot of jailbreakers and unlockers have encountered that when you update this baseband to 6.15 to unlock it,you got corrupted baseband and it cannot used anymore.
Symptoms are:

    No wifi
    No ECID
    No Imei
    No bluetooth

As of now all informations we got is all serial up to XXX109XXX is risky to update baseband.
XX109XX = 1 is the year of 2011 and 09 is week 9 of 1 year.
So, if serial is XX931XXX means 2009 with week 31 or XXX9XXXXX then only its safe to update baseband.
Much better check the serial first before you update to baseband 6.15

Credits to:
iPhone dev team
Stay with us for further i-device news.

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