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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

At&T unlock issues solved

 If you unlocked your at&t iPhone through any paid method and they say it's unlocked but still if you are facing activating problems than check it 99% solving all issues. Firstly, Check and confirm whether your iPhone has been unlocked or not.For this go and visit .
And see if Sim Lock Status :Unlocked or not? If it's unlocked then only follow the down procedure.If it's still locked then complain the agent with whom you contacted to unlock your iPhone or complain the website you paid to unlock your iPhone.
  1. Firstly try to connect your iPhone(with your carrier sim inside it i.e not an at&t sim-card) to iTunes(Pc/Mac) through usb cable with working internet. And wait to activate.
  2. If it gets activated then you are lucky. If not then download redsn0w latest version through iPhone dev blog.  
  3. Jailbreak your iPhone through redsn0w. If you need instructions you can get it from websites like or
  4. Download iPhone Yeta for easy going process.
  5. Install and run iPhone Yeta with iPhone connected to Pc.
  6. Slide to unlock and install Sam through No wifi option and then press restart your iPhone button.
  7. After your iPhone restarts you should have Samprefs on iPhone home-screen, if not then re-perform step 6.
  8. Through Samprefs click on utilities and de-activate iPhone. If still not de-activated then click on push lockdown to stock.
  9. Now restart your iPhone and join to iTunes to activate your iPhone or you can connect to wifi to activate it.
If still not activated then activate your iPhone through official at&t sim-card.
For unlocking at&t iPhones at cheap rate ($10.99) you can also contact us @
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