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Monday, May 23, 2011

Complete details of Chronic Dev Team's Current progress

Being tired of question users raising about jailbreak and other news to @chronic dev they just published details so that no one would raise a question to them.They have covered following details on their blog.
  1. iPad 2 Jailbreak status (*gasp*)
  2. 4.3.x support in greenpois0n
  3. greenpois0n merchandise / store.
Visit their blog for more details.
via twitter @posixninja

Update 1 :- P0sixninja of Chronic dev team tweeted that their next jailbreak, i.e. Ipad-2 Jailbreak will not be named as Greenpois0n.What it will be called is yet not fixed.Lets wait for it.See his tweet.
Update 2:- P0sixninja just tweeted something in his twitter that silently utters that he has prepared something special.He is feeling himself ruling the world.It's not fixed what and which thing he discovered, you must wait  until it's officially announced.For now, please don't expect more and don't believe those webs providing information just using a single tweet & videos and enlarging it as a news for gaining promotion/popularity as well as for earning.

Stay tuned with us for further details.

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