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Monday, May 23, 2011

Latest news Iphone 3g/3gs bb 6.15.00 erased succesfully but 5.13.04 bb installation fails

Iphone 3gs and 3g baseband 6.15.00 was going good on the process of baseband downgrading.Sherif hashim of Iphone dev team just published in his twitter that he erased his iphone 3gs bb 6.15.00 succesfully,but on the process to flash to 5.13.04 he failed and made his iphone unusable dead.

See, this his iphone erased bb 6.15.00
this is his iphone while flashing bb 5.13.04
last screen of his iphone before it went dead maybe forever.

At last as in his tweet he inform everyone that it's better to stay with gps issue than rather trying to downgrade to bb 5.13.04.
See the full video of procedure at

Stay with us for further iphone jailbreaking news.

1 comment:

SEO Company said...

ya it will take 5 or 10 bricked phones to make this work, if the ever do.