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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Please don't get shocked by Geohot working on Facebook

It's proved that Geohotz is working under facebook for a contract(via yahoo/iphonedownloadblog), but for developing what no-one knows else than Geohot or Facebook itself. Each and every one were fearing that Ipad-2 jailbreak wont be possible without George Hotz but Ipad-2 is already almost jailbroken, our next hero Comex has made it & it has almost chances of being userland based jailbreak. And about fear Geohotz may leave jailbreaking scene, Geohotz was previously in past also working for google but later he left it to involve himself in hacking. Geohotz is always beyond our thought and imaginations. He has no fix eta when he will bring what in which field, whatever he may bring he will shock each & everyone. So, till then let's be prepared to get his HIGH VOLTAGE.

Stay tuned with for further idevice news.

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