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Monday, June 27, 2011

Blob Monster may no more with us

Shsh blobs which we used to save via Cydia/iFaith/tinyumbrella is no more with us. It was used to restore your iPhone to desired firmware version which apple already stopped signing. As we all know, apple was using the AP ticket method for firmwares while verifying a firmware to make old versions unable to restore which was backed up via Shsh blobs to make it able. But, now apple will not only check during restore but also during every reboot to make an iPhone unable to restore to previous versions. In a simple version, it's just like tether boot apple is checking on every reboot. Method is same apple was using in BB check method, which won't let iPhone to restore to old or lower Basebands. Same BB check method to be integrated in Ios check is not an unexpected thing, it was to be done today or may be later. It's a race of Cat & Mouse, we can't say it's over coz for every problem there's a remedy. But till the beta gets over we can't expect anything new from Dev team, coz if they release hack it would again be fixed by Apple until the last beta by Apple. Let's wish Dev team/Geo hotz or someone else develops something new to override it.
But still to restore your iPhone to Ios versions less than 5.0 will always be available via saved shsh blobs but you will need old iTunes to perform it.

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