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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wanna get your twitter account published over Webpage?

Who in the world doesn't wish to get name & fame. Even making yourself known for few seconds is a wonder. I'm not talking about publishing only it's about wishing thanks to Jailbreakme Star @comex . Say thanks to him now and get yourself known to jailbreak fans. The works they do to the iPhone Society is un-forgettable, though  a single thanks is not even for their progress and achievement they made for us, but still it's something we could do from our side. Go and thank him over
Not only @comex our all jailbreak stars(@Musclenerd,@Sherif_Hashim,@Saurik,@Geohot,@ih8sn0w,@chronic dev team and so on) must be thanked for what they did to us. I know i have missed some stars name over here, so m so sorry about it. You wont get a thanks button to thank them all in that very page but still if you desire to thank them you can do it over here.Post your comment thanking them all.

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