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Sunday, July 3, 2011

iPad 2 Jailbreak leak real but still with errors


As per wish by @Ih8sn0w we didn't publish this news but still as it seems all popular blogs already posted it and it the web( providing it was taken down so it wont harm author about it. But still this imminent leaks will help to close the hole currently used in iOS 4.3.4. We recommend all Jailbreak users please don't update to next Ios on iPad-2.

iPad-2 Jailbreak made by @comex was leaked by some of the private beta testers those who were testing the product. It's not yet fixed who leaked it but it is in private site. Check this video.Ipad 2 JB released. 
Check out this post at redmondpie to know who was really behind leaking Jailbreakme.

 Note: As it was in it's early stage so beta version contains lots and lots of errors. Please to be safe and kill piracy we recommend you not to use this Jailbreak. Just a few days are left for original release wait for release.

What errors does the current leaked Jailbreak ?
  • 403 error while Jailbreaking iPad 2.
  • Too slow boot up on iPad 2 after Jailbreak.
Update 1: place every ipad-2 users were waiting to get their device jailbroken is on sale. Bidding amount has started with $2500 via . It's a shocking fact for all of us but since the web was gifted to @comex for his jailbreak tool, since the tool is already leaked may be the owner wants to sell it to someone else to earn bugs.Maybe and might be are all left.what u guess???
    Just calm down and wait for official Jailbreak 3.0 till then stay with us we will update you.


    Anonymous said...

    Lots of errors? Seriously? I have seen none. NONE! Everything works great! Finally can use FakeClockUp. Now my iPad is faster and feels more responsive too!

    Don't hate cuz you didn't catch the jailbreak in time.

    Saurabng said...

    It was your good luck that there was no errors but while in counting numbers suffering is much then who got it perfectly. Comex himself stated me that it was just a beta under development and it got leaked before being fully ready.You can even check at redmondpie how it leaked over internet.