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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Create Apple Account in Easy Steps And Free

Follow the tutorials over here to Create an Apple Account for Free:-
Step 1: Download & Install Itunes
Step 2: Open Itunes

Click here to enlarge
Step 3: Click on itunes Store on the Left side of itunes under Store

Step 4: Click on App Store on the top of the browser below the apple sign

Step 5: A List menu will be shown as in picture.Click on any option you want(I will click on games)

Step 6: App store with games will be opened like shown in picture. Drag down to see free Apps option.

Step 7: Click on any Free games you want(I choosed Rat on a Skateboard).Itunes Browser will open a window with description of game you selected.

Step 8: Click on Free App and new tab will be opened asking Apple account.

Step 9: Click on Create new Account button and your browser will direct you to a welcome to itunes store page.

Step 10: Click on continue button, page with apple terms and conditions will be opened.

Step 11:Firstly, Check whether your billing country is correct or not .If not then click on click here and select your default country.Drag down and tick on the option I have read and agree to these terms and conditions.And then click on continue.

Step 12: Browser will direct you to window with a form to fill up.Fill up the form and click continue.

Step 13: Itunes Browser will direct you to a new page with billing information and so on form.Select the payment option "NONE" and fill up rest options.And then click on finish.
Now you are done, you just need to check your mailbox and activate your account.
Congrtulations !!! For creating a Free Apple account.

Note:-This one is for those who are from a country without apple store. That means whose country is not in list of Apple store in iTunes.

Notice:- If you are an apple user from an country with apple store and you could select your country name from itunes store then you are too lucky, coz this method will work. In case, if you are from unlisted country then follow this procedure:-

Up to step 10 you can follow above steps.

Step 11:Select your billing country to Nepal through click here option,click change and press agree button and go to next page.
Step 12: Provide Apple ID details on and the page. Type your email address(previously not associated with apple account). And also fill up other security options. Then Click Continue.
Step 13: Select payment option "none" . Billing address :-

Title: Mr.
Name: Saurab NG

Address: Srijana Chowk
District/Province: Kaski

Zip code: 370000
Contact: 061528700

And then select next, message will be in your window with Verification mail send then click finish. Go and check your mailbox(yahoo/hotmail/gmail you registered with) you will be having registration verification mail.
Congratulations you created an Apple Id successfully.

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Anonymous said...

Can u make me an apple id? This is my email:

Jast Hasan said...

Can u make me an apple id? This is my email:

Please let me know.

kwanda damane said...

i am desperate for an apple email is can you please create one for me

Anonymous said...

Make me one and it better work. And whose accounts are these and is there money on them?

Anonymous said...

Make me one my email is

Anonymous said...

Can you make me an itunes acount my email is

smiley santhosh said...

Hai I am Santhosh ,I have problem in my old account so plz create me a account once again
My gmail address is: in one hour

Warriorcat said...

please create me one:
i am
thank you

rimzan said...

plz create an id for me

Junica Subido said...

Please create an id forme

Francis Dogfobaare said...

Please create an apple id for me.I have a problem creating an apple id.My gmail account is

Melissa Marcelin said...

My email is can u make an accoount for me plz

Unknown said...

plzz do mine