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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Has Geohot really left the Jailbreak scene?

George Hotz, a one man army in iPhone Jailbreaking & Unlocking society. Almost all of the iPhone users would have known him, he doesnot need description for who he is and what he did, his deeds are all among us.
But now something strange and unexpected has happened, we are talking about the web which was expected to be with another jailbreak by Geohot has gone down. Type in your browsing address and check yourself.
This is the picture which was displayed as we were browsing limera1n's official web, but now this picture has been a history it no longer stands in What happened to maybe noone knows else then geohot. This has happened when news of geohot being spotted coding at iOS dev camp was under highlight.
What do you think did geohot left jailbreak scene or is he so busy in facebook that he got no time to maintain rubyra1n?

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